Assessment Administration


Assessment Administration and Student Activities – October 19th Juniors - Action May be Required by October 14th see below

On Wednesday, October 19th, your student will be participating in testing, development workshops, or field day.  This will be for the first 3 hours of the day.  Afterwards, they will attend their regular classes in an abbreviated format.  Please make sure that your student is on time as the testing and workshops are very important.  These tests are designed to get your student ready to take college placement tests, which are required for most colleges (PACT/PSAT), apply for Merit Scholarships (PSAT) or show possible career interest/talent (ASVAB).  The workshop is designed for student development.  Please see the following listing:

Freshman – Pre ACT (School has registered all freshman except repeating freshman, free of cost)

Sophomores – PSAT (School has registered all sophomores except repeating sophomores. State is covering the cost, free.)

Juniors – PSAT (Juniors must register themselves and pay the $17 fee by Friday, October 14th if they are to take this test, the link is here)

Juniors – ASVAB (For those juniors who have not registered for the PSAT, they will automatically be enrolled to take the ASVAB, free of cost to student)

Seniors – Field Day

Repeating Freshman and Sophomores – Scholars Institute (Development workshop, free of cost to student)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 8:20am