In the fall and spring, teachers, staff, and school organizations may apply for a grant for funds on items not covered by their budget which benefit students at Wheeler High School. 



The PTSA and Academic Booster Club (ABC) have joined together this year to offer a single appropriations request form. While each group still has their own budget and approval process, you will only need to submit one request for consideration!  This is an awesome opportunity to request something that you desperately need, or want, for your students. 


This year, the PTSA has budgeted $4,000 for Appropriations and the ABC has set aside $5,000. The two organizations will meet to decide whether to fulfill the request and from which group.


The Appropriation money from the PTSA will be used to promote programs and further education that benefits the health, safety, education and welfare of children per the PTA Purposes.  Funds from the ABC will be used to support academic success efforts. Requested items should benefit as many students as possible.  The Appropriations Committee consists of PTSA members, ABC members, Wheeler staff/administration and Wheeler parents.


In the past, Appropriations from PTSA have funded class sets of books, cameras for photography classes, An Artist at School Program, calculators, a dishwasher for Chemistry Department, US History games, music for full orchestra, formal dress for chorus students, presentation cameras, computer for Special Ed department, and photo canvases to showcase No Place for Hate pictures.


Last year, ABC funding included tech storage for orchestra I pads, Special Ed class materials and computer programs, and learning library resources and agendas for the 9th grade academy.


We have put together a new online form here, for both organizations. If you would like to submit a request, you can fill it out on-line and e-mail any additional documentation to Mandy Landefield, PTSA Appropriations Chair, who will be collecting information for both organizations and will present all the requests to both organizations.


Please complete the request form in its entirety.  The more information you provide the Appropriations Committee, the fewer unknowns and questions we will have.  Please attach pictures, catalog pages, product descriptions and how the product(s) will be utilized to its fullest potential.  Also, if you are requesting software or an on-line subscription, it must be a software or program that has already been approved by Cobb County Schools. 


The Committee will take one of three options:  approve, deny or table.  A request may be tabled in order to gather more information or because the timing of the request is better suited for a later meeting.  A denied request may be re-submitted before the next Appropriations Committee review. The Committee will e-mail the action taken on your request, within a week of meeting. 




Mandy Landefield, Wheeler PTSA Appropriations Chair