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 Hallacy Presents 2017-19 School of Excellence Banner at International NightImage may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing

Georgia PTA President Elect Karen Hallacy presents National PTA School of Excellence Award to Wheeler executive board members Gretchen Buchanan, treasurer; Andrea Jewell, co-president; Maria Terc, secretary; Delitha Morrow Coles, co-vice president; Daniel White, co-president. 

November is Family Engagement Month

Family Engagement

The Georgia Department of Education has deemed November Family Engagement Month. Research shows that parent engagement makes a difference in student achievement, so we've compiled these five tips to help you get more involved at Wheeler:

1. Volunteer at School
Wheeler has so many ways that you can help. Read Wheeler Wildcat Weekly, and visit the school website often to find volunteer opportunities that you're passionate about and that meet your schedule.

2. Show Your Child that You Care About How They Are Doing in School
Do you know how your child is doing in school? Talk to your student about school and homework regularly. Check Parentvue often so that you can monitor grades. Don't have access, get it. Know what classes your child is taking, who your child’s friends are, and other essential information.

3. Keep in Touch with the School
Get to know your child’s teachers, principal, counselors and administrators. Make it a point to stay in contact with them throughout the school year

4. Attend School Meetings, Functions and Events
Make time to attend parent-teacher conferences, curriculum nights, award ceremonies and other school events. Your attendance and support matters to your child.
5. Be an Active Part of Decision-Making Committees
Participate in parent or school leadership organizations. Ask your school about the PTA, school council, or other parent organizations, and then join one.

For more tips, visit the ECCC PTA website


The Unofficial Parent Guide to Wheeler High School

Little known facts about WHS Traditions written by parents, for parents

Please click on the link above to access the guide. 

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